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A true healthy snack, also considered as an Indian superfood, Makhana (Fox Nuts) has various health benefits which makes it the best alternative amongst all the healthy snacks. Crispy and healthy snack to satisfy all your hunger pangs. Now keep munching guilt-free. You do not need to resort to unhealthy junk food whenever you feel hungry. Just have Makhaanos!

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Healthy Snacks: Makhaanos brings to you ,The Super healthy Foxnuts (Makhanas) in three different and exciting flavors ; Butter cheese, Caramel and Peanut Mint,  with No added Preservatives , No enhancers and No artificial colors. All the products are completely hand made and handpicked of the best of quality. You do not need to resort to unhealthy junk food whenever you feel hungry.

Makhaanos pack of each flavor , is hygienically packed to make sure that its beneficial properties stay intact when you open them or choose them as gifts for your loved ones. Moreover, these are organically sourced and stays fresh at the time of consumption. It comes in compact jars, hence you can easily carry them in your backpack or bag while travelling. The bottles come with tight lids to make sure there is no spillage or other mess.

Benefits of eating Makhaanos Makhana;

Makhana is Antioxidant and is a good source of protein, high minerals, carbohydrates, potassium, iron and lot of fibers. Low calories help in weight loss and good for skin with anti aging properties.  Its health benefits are equivalent to walnuts and almonds (dry fruits). With 20% less calories and 67% less fat than popcorn, Each Makhaanos  Jar of 70 gram packs contains 9 g of Protein.

All the 3 flavors are made with researched recipes and understanding of customer taste choices, we work hard to create Makhana that you will fall in love in first bite.

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Type: Vegetarian; Total net weight: 70 gm (Each pack is 70 gm) Handpicked Fox nuts, Jaggery, Sesame seeds, coconut powder. All products made in pure Desi Ghee.

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