KAPIVA GILOY JUICE 1 Litre | Ayurvedic herb Giloy is a renowned immunity-booster


Kapiva Giloy Juice packs in the goodness of Giloy, with an added extra edge. We source the ones which organically grow on Neem trees, so as to incorporate the medicinal benefits of Neem as well. For the juice preparation, we cut the hard, mature stems (the ones which have other stems coming out of it) because that has the maximum nutrition content. After scrapping the bark, we retain only the rich green part. By soaking the stems overnight, we let the nutrition seep into the water. Essentially, bringing to you exactly what Nature has to offer – packed in a bottle.

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GILOY – also known as Guduchi is an Ayurvedic creeper plant/herb which has anti-inflammatory properties.

Kapiva’s pure and natural Giloy Juice doesn’t have any added sugar or sweetener (like Sorbitol) or any artificial taste-enhancers to make it taste better. We give you only what Nature has to offer – in its best form. We source the raw materials that are grown organically and extract the juice as per Ayurveda, by soaking the stem overnight in water and transferring the benefits to it naturally, in a slow yet recommended method.

Giloy, a climber, usually grows on big trees. We source our Giloy which grows organically on Neem trees, incorporating the medicinal benefits of Neem as well.

Ayurvedic juice made in GMP, FSSAI-approved facility follows the mandated quality standards. Kapiva Giloy Juice strictly adheres to all the guidelines, ensuring a good quality product.


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Neem-grown Giloy is more bitter and efficacious since it comes with the medicinal properties of Neem as well. The Alkaloids in Giloy stem activate the white blood cells which trigger the immune response to infection-causing germs.

Anti-allergenic compounds like Flavonoids and Lactones in Giloy stem are known to check symptoms of allergies and flu, like sneezing, running nose, nose congestions, and cough.

Antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory

Giloy stem juice, enhanced with the benefits of Neem, helps in warding off inflammations to a great extent. Giloy being antimicrobial in nature combats foreign particles in the body.

Clears skin

Rich in anti-microbial properties, Giloy works towards detoxifying the body, resulting in healthy skin devoid of outbreaks like acne, eczema, and pimples.

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